UFDC 2006–Dallas–D.O.L.L.S Club helper

August 22, 2006

Sharing pics of the helper put together by the online club:

Close-up, left side:

Close-up, right side:

Click on pics for larger view.


UFDC 2006–Dallas. Banquet photos

August 22, 2006

These are pics from the banquet–mostly centerpieces, table settings, etc. As always, click on photos for a larger view.

First, the table setting before we got to it and started moving stuff all around:

Next, the Kish Water Babies doll we were all given:

Another view of the centerpiece:

Riley, in her ‘Painting the Roses Red’ outfit, from the workshop I attended:

Centerpiece was the companion doll, inside a lovely large flower setting.

This is a view almost from my seat, of the end of the head table, as Helen Kish addressed the group, just prior to presentation of the souvenir.

The doll was ‘Thumbeline’, by Helen Kish. She was in a lovely hexagonal box. The centerpiece was a flower, similar to the setting inside Thumbeline’s box, containing her Prince. We also received little Water Babies dolls at our table settings. Thumbeline didn’t really make much of an appearance at the table–immediately following the banquet most of us had our dolls shipped home.

Curio cabinet is back, and new dollie sweater……

August 22, 2006

My curio cabinet fell off the wall right after I got back from the doll convention–several casualties, but the vast majority of the small bisques inside are A-OK. 🙂 Good news–my dad fixed the curio and hung it back up for me. See below:

Next, I’ll share the latest of my dollie sweaters–handknitted and designed by me. This one fits my 16″ Mini Super Dollfie by Volks of Japan. Pants and shoes by Volks, wig by Charles Josef (great wig), tank top by Groovy Girls (you know, those rag dolls at educational toy stores and Target?).

The yarn is fingering weight 100% merino by Claudia Handpainted Yarns (ClaudiaCo.com) in color Carousel. Best part is, just enough yarn left in the skein to make another. 🙂

as the little army went on its way….

July 14, 2006

Just a quick shot of my dolls heading out to the competitive exhibit. I know, I took this Sunday and it’s now Thursday….and the competitive exhibit is almost over…..but I thought I’d share. 🙂

Headed off are an American Character Toni, a Tony Sarg/Alexander marionette, a large Norah Wellings pixie, Effanbee’s Babyette, and my Shirley Temple clone. Please note the marionette’s stand–Dad rigged that up for me right before convention. 🙂

(Pic is new as of 8/21…….had trouble uploading from convention.)


July 10, 2006

The souvenir book is *fantastic*–it’s like every page gets better!  Full color, profusely illustrated, etc.  It’s a true convention journal, with articles, rather than being a book on a single subject.  But it’s relatively cohesive with the ‘Tell Me A Story’ theme.  It’s a large, beautiful hardback…….

More random comments as I remember them.  🙂

Greetings from Texas!

July 10, 2006

Howdy.  🙂

I’m at the UFDC National Convention here in Dallas, TX.  🙂  I know I haven’t blogged for awhile, but between real life and work, things have been busy.

Convention hasn’t quite started yet–we flew in Saturday, and got the lay of the land here at the hotel Saturday night.  Met up with friends, had dinner, etc.  Today was part day off and part things gearing up–resolving administrative problems, registering, picking up packets, etc.  I also made a run to CVS (three train stops away?) for bottled water and 3×5 index cards for the dolls I’m entering into the competitive exhibit.

The hotel is lovely–it’s the Adam’s Mark.  We have kind of an iffy view from the hotel room, but the room itself is pleasant and spacious.  And on a low floor, so we’re not waiting forever on elevators.

Then there were some convention activities, including a Japanese doll display, and my roomie and I went to a nearby hotel for a co-located doll show.  It was pretty nice, and I finally found a hard plastic Eugenia with the ‘vertical’ face, to contrast with the two compo Eugenias with the ‘horizontal’ face.  When I post a pic side by side it’ll make sense.  🙂

Then, on the way home, the bus broke down.  I felt like I was back in middle school again–the bus broke down!!!  We walked back–it wasn’t *that* far…..

No pics of my doll, as they came out blurry and I’m wiped out at the moment….  🙂  But be assured she’s lovely–the Eugenia Personality Pla-mate, wtih brunette hair and a bridal gown.  She’s large–18 or 20 inches.
Tomorrow starts the real fun.  🙂  Mon-Weds are the busiest days, then it slows down just slightly for Thursday and Friday….then we fly home Saturday.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting in the morning, a workshop in the afternoon, and after dinner are opening ceremonies and the inaugural opening of the salesroom.  🙂

More soon!!!

I know I’ve been a horrible blogger lately….

June 11, 2006

But I'm making up for it with *pictures*!

First, a photo of my darling little Madeleine (Raikes' Bobette) wearing her brand-new sweater, handknitted by myself. 🙂 She had a great time at the mini doll convention I attended in WV. The outfit is by Dollmasters, and the little purple hat was a convention activity.

Next, a quick shot of my Charlotte's Web shawl, which was finally done, just in time to attend a doll function and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. This is a Koigu pattern, knitted with five colors of KPPPM, their fingering-weight variegated merino.

Also, one of my latest finds is a peg wooden that had been a House of the Seven Gables souvenir. She's lovely, and we're bonding well.

She's in my almost-all-glass Ikea display case, with the other small woodens and chinas, on the shelf above my 15" 50s fashion dolls.

slightly random/what I’ve been up to……

April 23, 2006

This is the weekend of many projects.

First, we have a sneak peek at an upcoming project, and/or, documentation of the production of said project?  Caution:  1950s fashion doll nudity ahead:

This was the setup at my photographer friend's apartment.  The pics he took are better.

Next we have the in-progress baby gift for the shower that is in….less than 12 hours. 🙂 I tried something new with the embroidery and couldn't wait to share……

Okay, now off to stuff and assemble……

new Lenci….but….not a *felt* Lenci…..

April 7, 2006

Those of you who know me in the 'doll world' know of my fascination with Lencis. I love Lencis. Maybe it's my Italian blood calling out to Italian dolls–I don't know. But…..I knew they made some HP dolls….mostly small tourist dolls.

In any case, I found what looked like a neat one on ebay, took a chance, and she's lovely.  Little wooden shoes, neat ethnic (Eastern European or Dutch?) outfit, etc. 

A picture:

I'm quite excited about her…..  🙂

Better Late than Never?

March 24, 2006

Well, I finally finished my Knitting Olympics hat.

The astute among you will realize that the (real) Olympics ended about a month ago.  So this hat has taken me about six weeks.

*However*, I think it was too ambitious a project for a two-week period when I was recovering from jet-lag and working full time.

But I accomplished the intention in regard to stretching my abilities, etc.  This is my first real fair-isle project.  (Note:  It hasn’t been blocked yet–it’ll be a little less lumpy after blocking…..)

So, without further delay:


I need to get someone to take a pic of me in it–I have one, but it’s more me, and less the hat.  🙂

Now–I’m off to design a pair of matching mittens.  So excited about how this turned out!