Greetings from Texas!

Howdy.  🙂

I’m at the UFDC National Convention here in Dallas, TX.  🙂  I know I haven’t blogged for awhile, but between real life and work, things have been busy.

Convention hasn’t quite started yet–we flew in Saturday, and got the lay of the land here at the hotel Saturday night.  Met up with friends, had dinner, etc.  Today was part day off and part things gearing up–resolving administrative problems, registering, picking up packets, etc.  I also made a run to CVS (three train stops away?) for bottled water and 3×5 index cards for the dolls I’m entering into the competitive exhibit.

The hotel is lovely–it’s the Adam’s Mark.  We have kind of an iffy view from the hotel room, but the room itself is pleasant and spacious.  And on a low floor, so we’re not waiting forever on elevators.

Then there were some convention activities, including a Japanese doll display, and my roomie and I went to a nearby hotel for a co-located doll show.  It was pretty nice, and I finally found a hard plastic Eugenia with the ‘vertical’ face, to contrast with the two compo Eugenias with the ‘horizontal’ face.  When I post a pic side by side it’ll make sense.  🙂

Then, on the way home, the bus broke down.  I felt like I was back in middle school again–the bus broke down!!!  We walked back–it wasn’t *that* far…..

No pics of my doll, as they came out blurry and I’m wiped out at the moment….  🙂  But be assured she’s lovely–the Eugenia Personality Pla-mate, wtih brunette hair and a bridal gown.  She’s large–18 or 20 inches.
Tomorrow starts the real fun.  🙂  Mon-Weds are the busiest days, then it slows down just slightly for Thursday and Friday….then we fly home Saturday.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting in the morning, a workshop in the afternoon, and after dinner are opening ceremonies and the inaugural opening of the salesroom.  🙂

More soon!!!


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