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April 23, 2006

This is the weekend of many projects.

First, we have a sneak peek at an upcoming project, and/or, documentation of the production of said project?  Caution:  1950s fashion doll nudity ahead:

This was the setup at my photographer friend's apartment.  The pics he took are better.

Next we have the in-progress baby gift for the shower that is in….less than 12 hours. 🙂 I tried something new with the embroidery and couldn't wait to share……

Okay, now off to stuff and assemble……


Saturday Evening at Yuzawaya……

February 7, 2006

Saturday after my doll excursion I returned to the hotel briefly to drop off packages and get some water. Then I was off again. This is a view from the walkway between the hotel and Shimbashi station.

Then, a view up one of the longer escalators, in the Tokyo train station.

And a view of the washi paper selection at this great craft place called Yuzawaya. It was so overwhelming and fun that I forgot to take more pictures! They had to kick me out when it closed at 8:30–coincidentally, just as I found the yarn section. I played dumb and acted like I was looking for the elevator…. 🙂

Found some amazing fabric, which I think I’ll use to make some kind of a throw. It depicts Japanese-style 1930s rag dolls. Aren’t they cool? One fabric is square panels, the other is an all-over print. I also got some (heavily clearanced….) regular quilting fabric with a Japanese print. That picture didn’t come out–will have to re-take that one.