new Lenci….but….not a *felt* Lenci…..

Those of you who know me in the 'doll world' know of my fascination with Lencis. I love Lencis. Maybe it's my Italian blood calling out to Italian dolls–I don't know. But…..I knew they made some HP dolls….mostly small tourist dolls.

In any case, I found what looked like a neat one on ebay, took a chance, and she's lovely.  Little wooden shoes, neat ethnic (Eastern European or Dutch?) outfit, etc. 

A picture:

I'm quite excited about her…..  🙂


One Response to “new Lenci….but….not a *felt* Lenci…..”

  1. Linda S. Says:

    Another doll lover! I have several, but not as many or as lovely as yours. When my daughter was 6 (oh so many years ago..grin) I bought her a Bye Lo Baby that she still has. After several years of being played with, the fingers missing and the clothes gone, I crocheted her a dress and bonnet, made her an underdress and she still sits on DD’s shelf.

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