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UFDC 2006–Dallas–D.O.L.L.S Club helper

August 22, 2006

Sharing pics of the helper put together by the online club:

Close-up, left side:

Close-up, right side:

Click on pics for larger view.


UFDC 2006–Dallas. Banquet photos

August 22, 2006

These are pics from the banquet–mostly centerpieces, table settings, etc. As always, click on photos for a larger view.

First, the table setting before we got to it and started moving stuff all around:

Next, the Kish Water Babies doll we were all given:

Another view of the centerpiece:

Riley, in her ‘Painting the Roses Red’ outfit, from the workshop I attended:

Centerpiece was the companion doll, inside a lovely large flower setting.

This is a view almost from my seat, of the end of the head table, as Helen Kish addressed the group, just prior to presentation of the souvenir.

The doll was ‘Thumbeline’, by Helen Kish. She was in a lovely hexagonal box. The centerpiece was a flower, similar to the setting inside Thumbeline’s box, containing her Prince. We also received little Water Babies dolls at our table settings. Thumbeline didn’t really make much of an appearance at the table–immediately following the banquet most of us had our dolls shipped home.

Curio cabinet is back, and new dollie sweater……

August 22, 2006

My curio cabinet fell off the wall right after I got back from the doll convention–several casualties, but the vast majority of the small bisques inside are A-OK. 🙂 Good news–my dad fixed the curio and hung it back up for me. See below:

Next, I’ll share the latest of my dollie sweaters–handknitted and designed by me. This one fits my 16″ Mini Super Dollfie by Volks of Japan. Pants and shoes by Volks, wig by Charles Josef (great wig), tank top by Groovy Girls (you know, those rag dolls at educational toy stores and Target?).

The yarn is fingering weight 100% merino by Claudia Handpainted Yarns ( in color Carousel. Best part is, just enough yarn left in the skein to make another. 🙂