*slightly* too much sake…..

Went out tonight with the fellows I trained on the system, and the guys I worked with while I was here tonight.  I had a *little* to much sake.  🙂  But it was a lot of fun…..I enjoyed it.  Except for the fact that I smell all smoky now.  😦  The food was interesting–we had something called nabe, which is more a style of food.  The main part of our dinner cooked in an iron pot on a portable gas stove for most of our meal.  Veggies and meats and tofu cooked in it for awhile, and then we dished some out into little bowls containing egg and some kind of sauce.  Aside from that there was tofu, and sashimi, and noodles, and salad, and even french fries and deep-fried oysters (that plate looked like chicken nuggets and fries to me for awhile….).  Everything was quite good.  🙂  And, despite the language barrier (only two of the guys with us were very proficient in English, two more are okay with it, and the rest knew very little) we had a lot of fun.  🙂  I do have pictures, but at the moment I’m feeling a little lazy so I won’t hook up the digital camera till tomorrow.  🙂

I have the TV on in the room and I think I’ve been watching the Japanese equivalent of the Carol Duvall show.  I just watched a lady make very realistic-looking baskets using magazine pages and wire–the papers were wrapped around something to make little tubes, and the tubes were put over wire, and used to make baskets.  Once they were painted, you had no idea they were just magazines……

The bulk of our work here is done, and it went quite well.  I’m pretty happy with it.  Glad to have things come together, but sorry to go home so soon.  I could spend another week sightseeing and still not have enough time.

Now I’m starting in on repacking the suitcases…..I’m a terrible overpacker to begin with, so this is always a struggle for me…..

I’ve been watching much too much CNN–mostly because it is in English……usually in the evening there’s an American/English-language movie on one of the channels here–tonight it’s something that maybe could be Laurence of Arabia?  It looks like it could be, anyway.  I watched most of Casablanca the other night.  But sometimes the movies are dubbed, rather than subtitled in Japanese, and that isn’t good for me.  I think I’ve increased my 12 words to 25 or 30, but still it’s not enough to enjoy a movie in the language. Just enough to torment me when I watch Japanese cartoons over here.  😦

I’m going to work some more on my FLAK sweater before I go to sleep–hopefully the sake won’t cause *too* many mistakes…..  🙂  I made a bit of progress while at the Tokyo Stitch-n-Bitch Tuesday night (which was *great*!  Lots of fun!).

More later, with some pictures–I figure those of you who are reading are over-pictured at this point, anyway.  🙂


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