Sunday in Harajuku…..

Okay, so I know I’m posting a lot, but I’m trying to compartmentalize and to share pics and info with a lot of people at once.  So, try and keep up.  🙂  I’m only here for three more days, anyway…..  🙂

 Spent the early part of the day Sunday in Harajuku. Went with the intention of seeing the Togo Temple, and the flea market they have there a couple Sunday mornings a month. From the Harajuku station, we wandered down the street with all of the trendy and punk shops……

From there we went to the Togo Shrine, which was lovely, despite the extreme cold. There was also a couple getting married–I got a picture. And I met a lovely family from Chicago, and took their picture with their camera-in return they took a picture of me with mine.

And there was a cat which I had to immortalize for my cat-loving friends.  There were actually several, but this was the only one that was cooperative…..

I guess there is a resort of some sort next to the shrine? 

A wedding couple in traditional clothing……wish I could’ve gotten a better pic of her kimono, it was beautiful……

And, in an area next to the shrine, was the flea market! A lot like the antique show/flea markets I frequent at home. Except for the language barrier…..

The booth where I got two kids’ kimonos and a kids’ vest….to display or use for silk fabric, haven’t decided……anybody have silk laundering tips?

This is where I found my boxed Ichimatsu doll. 🙂 And some used silk childrens’ kimonos, and a small $1 bobblehead kokeshi, and a $5 1930s-ish Japanese cloth doll. Very Lenci-like, actually. 🙂 It was neat–they had a lot of china, and household goods, and interesting furniture with lots of little drawers. And netsuke, but I restrained myself on that count–not to mention being out of cash. 🙂 I barely had enough to get me back to the hotel…. 🙂 We also had pizza at Pizza Express, which was lovely, after being without pizza for so long. 🙂

Then we went to *KIDDYLAND*! I got some doll books I’d wanted, but nothing else. It was mobbed, as it was a Sunday and the young people were out in full force.

And, for those of you who are worried, no new dolls from Kiddyland. Couple of books, but no dolls. 🙂


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