Saturday’s doll excursion……

Saturday I also went out in search of dolls–traditional and otherwise.I started at the Azone store in Akihabara–I knew it was there on the last trip, just never managed to locate it. I bought a ‘kit’ doll–a body, and a separate prerooted/prepainted head, both by the Obitsu company. I got the version with magnets in her feet and a stand to stick to. She’s got pink hair, as well. And I got a Rune doll, by Sekiguchi:

I think she’s very cute. 🙂 She’s also quite posable, and can share clothes with Barbie and Jenny and similar dolls. 🙂

Then I ventured to Asakusa-bashi. The home to Totoco (where I didn’t go on this trip…) and Yoshitoku, which is (one of?) the oldest doll stores in Tokyo, dating from the 1700s. I couldn’t find my notes about where to find Yoshitoku. But there were department stores and doll shops and all sorts of places on the main drag through town selling dolls, in preparation for Hina Matsuri. I visited two lovely shops before finally going in a convenience store for a snack, where I asked the shopgirl where to find Yoshitoku. I had her draw me a picture–that was the most expedient. Turns out I went the wrong way coming out of the train station……

Anyway, first the displays in the two stores prior to Yoshitoku (I apologize to the stores, but their names were in Japanese, and I have no idea what they were called…..

First, a Licca and Licca’s boyfriend (I can’t remember his name….) Hina set:

Then, the rows of Hina sets at the first store. The first picture shows an entire wall of sets–in the second picture it’s more obvious where one ends and the next begins–there are lamps at either end on the top level. That’s the best separator, anyway.

The next pic is of some Ichimatsu dolls–these are the modern version. At home I have a composition Ichimatsu–I just bought an older gofun one here in Tokyo. I love these new ones, but they’re very expensive–however, the workmanship is amazing.

Another Hina doll grouping–this set was mainly a *large* emperor and emperess.

Two pics of the Ichimatsu type. The second pic is mainly in honor of the beautiful doll in the middle…..



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