pics from Saturday’s excursion…..

This post will mostly be pics, relevant to the last post.  First, pictures as I walked from the hotel to the Shimbashi station.  The first is looking down from the walkway toward some restaurants (the center one is Nathan’s hot dogs):

Looking upward at the hotel:

Looking horizontally at the hotel:

This is the view from the Shimbashi Yurikamome station, up the Chuo Dori toward Ginza:

This is me, Starbucks tall-skim-no-whip-mocha in hand, with my back to Ginza.  It was here I met two young girls, off for a day in Odaiba, who were taking pics of themselves.  I offered to take a pic for them, and they took one of me in return.  They had limited English and I had limited Japanese, but it was a pleasant interaction.

Telephone booth, outside the Shimbashi post office (which houses a no-fee ATM). 
Despite the prevalence of cell phones in Tokyo, there are still public coin-operated phones all over the place.  The red box next to it is a mailbox.

This cat detail was above a little garden/shrine area, also outside of the Shimbashi PO.

You can just see the cat detail on this wider shot–it’s above the ledge on the building.  This picture shows the scope.  Keep in mind this is the *city*.

And, panning left:

The view as I walked back toward the Shimbashi station (the JR this time, rather than the Yurikamome).  Note the Starbucks sign.

And the view, looking back the way I came, from the train platform:

Now, a train ride later, I am in Akihabara.  This shop sold mainly Re-ment sets–little toy sets with a piece of candy in them.  Boxes are opaque, so you can get any of a selection.  I was looking for little doll accessories for friends.  Akihabara used to be the electronics area–now it’s much more into anime and manga and dolls and figures.

More later…..  🙂


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