quick update…..

Making a pit stop in the hotel room before going back out.  Hit the main Azone store, Yoshitoku (doll shop dating from 1711), and Akihabara.  Also went to the PO to get money, and managed to *finally* get my phone card situation handled.  🙂  More later, but will leave you with my observation of the day…….

Right now is Hina doll season.  Kind of like tax season, except with doll shops as the accountants and every family with a baby girl under two converging on Asakusabashi.  *Extended* family.  It was *packed*.  And mind-blowing–after a couple of minutes, all of the Hina displays ran together……

Don’t get me wrong–I love kids, and babies especially.  There were babies laughing, sleeping, looking around, etc.  But that area of town was *packed*.  I was both the only person there alone (rather than a baby with an entourage or an employee of the store).  I went in four stores.  Yoshitoku, once I found it, was the best–and the only one with Gosho Ningyo, which are apparently mostly ignored during Hina Matsuri season.

I can’t say enough good about the Yoshitoku staff–there was a poster for some sort of event in October (not even sure *which* October?) with all kinds of dolls on it.  I asked the token English-speaking fellow if he knew where I could get one, and he said he’d find out.  While I was waiting at the cashier, a young Japanese gal comes out with a rolled up poster, opens it and shows it to me, and presents me with it.  🙂 

Now I’m headed out to find Yuzawaya, which is supposedly a lovely and *huge* needlework/fabric/yarn store.

I’ve also been taking photos all day (even some surreptitiously in stores where I wasn’t *quite* allowed).  Will post later–losing time.


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