Today was a good day…….

First and foremost, my work tasks went well.  🙂  Had a couple of hairy moments, but for the most part–good.  🙂

After work tonight my coworker and I went to Bic Camera, which anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows is a pretty great electronics store. 🙂 It’s fun to just wander around, let alone shop.But….I wanted to go to Bic because they discount toys. 🙂 Got myself Jenny’s friend Tamaki in a kimono (this year’s model). Nice blue and black floral kimono. 🙂 But even that, while great, wasn’t the highlight of my day!

We went to an authentic, local sushi place–it’s underneath the Yurakucho train station. You sit around the sushi bar, and a little conveyor belt brings little plates with servings of sushi on them around. The plates are different colors, which corresponds to the price of each dish. Below is a pic of the stack of plates my coworker had at the end. My plates were less of a color assortment. 🙂 Not to mention, too close to me to photograph.

And, while you’re eating, you’re watching the sushi chef make more sushi! I asked if I could take pictures…..

Some people requested particular things, but I was in learning mode, and stuck with relatively non-risky things, like salmon and tuna. And octopus–I like octopus sushi. The squid sushi was beautiful (it was like whole little squid on it or something….) but I couldn’t bring myself to eat it…..

And a couple of others that weren’t so easily identifiable–for the most part ‘fishy-fish’.

I draw the line at raw shellfish, and any kind of fish roe is just too salty.

Also, there were little shakers on the table of instant green tea, and little faucets with hot water in the table. Very cool. You can see the cups for the tea, on a separate conveyor underneath the sushi conveyor–there were also little dishes for soy sauce on that one. I think I have a new favorite place to eat in Tokyo!



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