And just like that, I’m in Tokyo.  Well, not quite *just* like that–an hour drive to the airport (Dulles….), security, an hour and a half wait, and then on the plane.

Long plane flight.  Fortunately, business class is pretty nice.  I was on an aisle, so I could get up and walk around and get to the lavatory easily.  The gal next to me didn’t get up the entire 13-hour trip, unless she managed to get to the bathroom and back while I was in the other bathroom, without my seeing her.  I can’t imagine.  The attendants were wonderful–kept giving me new bottles of water when mine ran out.  I think I had 6 pint bottles of water, and was still massively dehydrated when I landed!  🙂

It was an ANA flight, so everything was in Japanese.  Food was okay, but the entertainment system was lovely.  It was all watch-on-demand, no pesky waiting for the time when your movie is to be shown, like the last time I flew here.  🙂  I watched five movies–Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Upside of Anger, Must Love Dogs, In Her Shoes, and the first half of Gone With the Wind.  I dozed a little, and kept having to rewind the movies, so it’s good I had that capability.  🙂  However, conversely, I kept leaning on the buttons, as well.  🙂  Managed to stop movies and lose my place a couple of times.Arrived at Narita, went through customs, got baggage, went through a second customs checkpoint (I think one’s naturalization and one’s duty, etc, but I’m not sure).  Got tix for the limosine bus, and waited for that.  The bus takes over an hour to get from Narita to Tokyo.  The hotel’s lovely–this is a new one for me, but only one train stop from where I stayed last time.  It’s the Royal Park Shiodome Tower.  I have the regular single room, and it looks pretty much like the pictures on the site.  I will, however, share pics of the view from my room……

We had dinner at a place specializing in breaded/fried pork cutlets last night (seems to be a big thing here?  I’d only had it once….) down at the mall in Aqua City.  Toys-R-Us was closed by the time we finished, but I still intend to get there soon.  🙂

Now I’ve had breakfast, and soon my coworker and I are going to run around town a little bit….toy stores….Akihabara….etc.  🙂

And, there will be more later……




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